Week 1 Update

In Chestnut we have been working on our fractions and the children have been thriving every day. On Thursday, we did our first science practical looking at how circuits work and transports electricity to different objects like a bulb💡, a motor and a buzzer. We thoroughly enjoy having MAD (Military Activities Day) every Friday afternoon. We worked together as a team to transport a hoop without using our hands around a circle. This week we also had Willow the Lion in our class due to the Chestnut working so well as a team and showing our PRIDE Values.

Week 2 and 3 Update

Last week, we prepared for sports day by practicing sprints, javelin throw and sack race. Chestnut was very enthusiastic about this and everyone took part! We also had MAD again on the Friday and Author Andy Seed came into school to speak to chestnut about reading and the benefits of reading.
This week, it is sports day! Chestnut have been practicing a lot and are raring to go 😄 There will also we a surprise this Friday as we have had a lot of birthdays this month and a few during the summer holidays….