Week 1 Update

Elm class have been learning about Samba music this term. This week, we learned how to sing a portion of the song, ‘Fanfarra Cabua Le Le’ in Brazilian.

They have been working very hard to complete their end of year assessments this week . They have created exciting adventure stories based our class book, ‘The Legend of Podkin One-Ear’. Each child predicted how Podkin lost his ear and wrote a chapter of the book based on their idea. They used maps that they created earlier in the topic to inspire the setting for their stories. Miss Flynn and Miss Pearce loved reading these stories!
Elm class also dissected a lily flower and labelled each part. Using this, they were able to understand how flowers reproduce. Elm class drew a diagram in their books to represent this process.

Week 2 Update

Elm class have been motivated in maths this week to order and compare decimal numbers.
The children followed a samba dance tutorial in music this week. They are excited to create their own dance sequences next week!
Elm class have been busy measuring and cutting fabric to make their cushions in art.
The children are very excited for author Andy Seed to visit our school on Friday! They have loved exploring some of his books – Interview with Cleopatra seems to be a favourite for most.

Week 3 Update

This week in Elm class, the children have been creating their own Samba dance sequences. We can’t wait to share their final performances next week on Facebook.
Miss Flynn bought doughnuts to celebrate a massive attendance achievement in Elm class this week – the children were very pleased!
Andy Seed came to visit the school this week! We are very proud of our children for joining in with his games and activities.
Elm class enjoyed their football session this week with their coach, Josh. They played some fun warm up games and enjoyed practicing their skills.
The children started decorating their cushions this week inspired by Sonia and Robert Delaunay.
Finally, the children have been very focused and determined in maths. We have been learning how to convert between measurements.

Week 4 Update

What a fantastic final week we had in Elm class! We enjoyed taking part in the races on sports day, we visited our new Year 6 classroom, we enjoyed playing on the bouncy castle (thank you Mrs Stephens), we finished making our cushions which are going into our new book corner and we celebrated our last day with a big water fight!! Have a great summer Elm class.