Week 1 Update

This week in Oak we have been creating our own superheroes and villains! We started by designing a tops trump card and this helped inspire us to write and illustrate our very own comic strip! Enjoy!

Week 2 Update

This week the children in Oak class have visited their new secondary schools. We began with a circle time to find out how their days went, which tutor groups they were in and what activities they did. The children were very happy to talk about their day. Some did Science lessons and tested different acids to find their Ph level, some played rounders, some did an art activity and some even did algebra! I am pleased they enjoyed their days. We watched a short film today called ‘Ruin’ and wrote newspaper articles explaining why the humans have disappeared from planet Earth. We enjoyed our visit from author Andy Seed today, he explained what it was like to be an author, read a part of one of his books to us and played a couple of games. We have also been on publisher this afternoon to make posters for our enterprise event! You will see these up next week! Please save the date…Wednesday 13th July at 3:00pm!

Week 3 Update

Oak class loved our final sports day at Willow Primary School. We especially enjoyed the sack race and the running race. After that we prepared our items for selling at our mini market. THANK YOU so much to everyone who came along and supported us. Throwing wet sponges, fruity kebabs and a tombola stall were all popular but everyone made a profit! Mrs Stephens and the other adults were very proud of them all. We raised a whopping £249.18!
Today we took part in our first special leavers treat! Tracey from Dixie Dots came and we all painted a leavers plate for us to keep forever. Our friends wrote their names on the back of them! They are now going to spend the weekend in the kiln!

Week 4 Update

Well year 6 have had a busy, emotional final few days at Willow. We have discussed Secondary schools and yesterday we went on the bouncy castle for our leavers treat.
An ice cream van arrived too so all year 6 had an ice cream and we had our final football session with Josh.
Today there has been lots of shirt signing and photo book signing. We had our final assembly and we played a cricket game. The winning team scored 30, the other team scored 29 and Mr Holder and Mrs Stephens scored 28! Good Luck for your new adventures, you will all be missed.
Oak class over and out!