Week 1 Update

Acorn class have started learning about ‘Under the Sea’ today!  🐠🦀🐟🐬🐳
During ‘busy time’, they used their skills of folding to make their own jellyfish.  These were so good that Miss Simmonds is going to put them on our new display!  How creative you all are!
The children loved the start of our new learning so much, they also decided to make boats.  There was great teamwork, where one child helped another to add sails to his boat!  They then decided to test them in the water tray to see if they floated!  We will be investigating other things in the classroom that float and sink later in the week!  Super scientists!
In Maths, we have been looking at repeating patterns.  Some of the children chose to carry on making their own patterns in busy time too!
A great start to our week!  Well done Acorn class!  😁👍

Week 2 Update

Acorn class have recently started learning a poem a week. Today, we performed the whole poem with actions and remembered it all! We have also started doing Wake and Shake every day. This dance and movement helps us to be ready to learn and it is also good for our gross motor control. Our songs at the moment are all to do with being under the sea, which is what we are learning about.

Week 3 Update

Acorn class are still thoroughly enjoying their learning about under the sea!
We have now completed our class display. We created coral reef, jellyfish, fish and starfish all on our own, using the skills Miss Simmonds has taught us (folding, cutting, printing, collage).
We have used the information book ‘The Big Book of the Blue’ to help us learn facts about the animals that live under the sea.
We then wrote our own factual sentences.  Look at our wonderful writing!
During busy time, we have chosen to create our own treasure chests and telescopes.  We have been using our cutting skills to create an under the sea scene.  We have been using our Maths skills of halving to make sure each sandcastle has the same number of shells. We had to ‘be fair and share’.  We have also done some careful under the sea colouring.
We are really looking forward to our first Sports Day this week and have been practising our races!  Wish us luck!

Week 4 Update

It has been HOT, so we have had lots of water play today, both inside and outside! We have also used some ice cubes to help us cool down. We thought of lots of different words to describe and explain what was happening: melting, slipping, sliding, dripping, cooling, cold, wet, ice, water. The children were encouraged to drink lots of water throughout the day and we all got a PRIDE point when we refilled our bottle with fresh water.
I cannot believe it is our final week in Reception. We have had an amazing first year at school! Well done Acorn class!